Management Services

We are all driven by a unique enthusiasm, a passion and a commitment of being part of a team and reaching a higher level of excellence.

Asset Management

Besides the reliability on the updating renewable technology, Our proficient property management team provides the daily oversight of your property. We supervise day-to-day property up keeping, repairs, ongoing maintenance, security control, and upkeep of properties.

This includes evaluating and monitoring maintenance work on your property, doing a series of inspections throughout the year, handling complaints and providing 24/7 support to both our tenants and landlords.

Portfolio Management
(Asset Management)

Our corporate professional team provides the most efficient services to make your real estate outsourcing experience successful. Under the direction of a Client Relationship Manager, who acts as your business partner and advisor, a cross-discipline group of professionals will be dedicated to your account. Our Corporate Solutions professionals will collaborate with your organization to deliver the right combination of residential & commercial occupancy services across the country .


The leasing department is our main ally to secure building occupancy rate. Our professional leasing team helps the assistant management to line up prospect tenants for the vacant units. Such a motivated approach ensures that the landlord will not lose rental days between TWO tenants.

With the help of our RND & marketing department the vacant units are been offered at the best price possible as we market the units by accommodating the landmarks & services of the area along with the unit layout & building facilities.

We conduct best market practices by following the comprehensive leasing cycle starting from the initiation of the leads, all the way to the signing of the tenancy contract and finally move-in.

Tenants who decided to change their units we do advise and help them to find best fit unit within our portfolio based on budget, type and location, by doing that we are maintain long-term relation with the tenants as our main objectives is to invest on services reliability and brand credibility.

Property Snagging

Our property snagging and handover services includes ensuring that each and every element of the household is in prime condition. The handover inspection services helps the buyer to identify any outstanding defects and/or incomplete finishes, making sure the building meets standards.

Our team highlights in detail every possible minor and major defect in quality, imperfections, omissions, as well as general building flaws and poor workmanship. This is followed by a thorough inspection (internal and external) of all areas of the new property.