Facility Management

Our expert engineers and supervisors have solid preventative maintenance systems and programs in place to ensure that buildings experience minimum future disruption from core engineering services.

we offer end-to-end building and infrastructure facilities management services in Dubai and across the UAE.

Asset Facility Management

Quality Engineering stands as our dedicated asset facility arm that provides state of art care to the building assets. The company being has over 23 years of facility management experience in this aspect. Under one management roof, it helps to enhance efficiency and control FM cost results with longer life building fixtures and enhance investment ROI .

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Tenant’s care

We are proud that our associate new brand Emirtage has join the group since 2018, since then Emirtage gained rapid trust among tenants and landlords. the company provide unique service to the tenants starting form Unit Hand Over service during walk in to the unit wither it is apartments, villa , commercial space and build a SLA relationship with the tenant during the tenancy period where Emirtage provide wide range state of art customizable services to the tenants.

Emirtage proof to be the saving factor to the property as it reduce the maintenance cost & increase tenant loyalty to the building due to service efficacy which reflect on having happy longer stay tenants.

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Masterplan Management

Our Master Plan Management Services include Project, Program, and Construction Management, Cost Controls, Estimating, Scheduling, Claims Mitigation and Resolution, and Document Controls.

Our goal is to add value to your projects throughout the project life cycle and delivering them on-time and within budget.