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About eqarat.com


To take a holistic view of the global real estate market and develop a unique bouquet of solutions and services to complement the market's evolving requirements.

To constantly enhance our core-business activities, from marketing, sales, customer support, leasing and property management and online services.

To earn a mark of distinction for EQARAT.COM as a global source of turnkey real estate solutions


Eqarat.com's vision is to provide value as:
  • The global leader in specialized property selling and buying and in providing unique investment opportunities within the real estate sector investors, customers, partners and service providers
  • The principal catalyst in deploying state-of-the-art business model, systems and processes and a purveyor of revolutionary approach in conducting business in real estate
  • The established authority in training highly professional real estate agents who are well-accustomed to the local and regional real estate landscape
  • The innovation leader in offering advanced portal platform that enables customers and agents to conduct business in a more efficient and dynamic manner

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